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Dyno Services

Our Dyno-mite dynamometer 2WD dyno is now installed and operating. We are offering tuning on Hondata Systems, Megasquirt, AEM, Apexi Power FC, and basics like the Emanage or Apexi AFC. If some of you aren't familiar with this dyno, check it out here:

Dyno tuning and rentals will be done using the best chassis dynometer available. Dyno-mite dynamometer Dyno’s feature an electronic load system, able to simulate real life driving, instead of spinning rollers to get a number. Our dyno can measure accurately to 900HP for 2WD vehicles. In addition to getting real results, not inflated numbers, the dyno can hold the vehicle at any specified speed or RPM, enabling you to tune the full range of loads the engine will see. We have very knowledgeable tuners (depending on the system), that can handle most engine management systems, or you are more then welcome to bring your own tuner.


Chassis Dyno Service:

2WD 3 pulls : EGP130

2WD 3 pulls w/ Wideband : EGP150

Chassis Dyno Rental:

First Hour

2WD: EGP400*

Each Additonal Hour

2WD: EGP350*

*Wideband Included



Category Price range from EGP to EGP