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ECU tuning

 TPS is the sole agent for Evolution Chips™ UK in Egypt. Established in March 2000, Evolution Chips™ are based in Blackpool, Lancashire and are fully established as one of Europe’s premier performance remapping companies, having been remapping vehicles since the company's conception. We supply tuned engine management software (Often called ecu chips) for virtually all cars on the market today, so no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we will most likely be able to improve your engines power, torque and fuel economy for you.

  • So... How do we do it?

All our re-mapping and ECU tuning starts with us test driving the car and reading the management with an appropriate scanner to ensure the vehicle is already doing what it should do and is in a healthy state. There is no point performing any ECU tuning or fitting and kind of performance chips to a faulty car of course.

If all is well, we will then proceed down one of two different routes, we will either extract a copy of your ecu software via the vehicles on board diagnostic port and transfer it to the PC for recalibration, or we will physically remove the ecu and unsolder the correct chips from within it and then use a programmer to read and save a copy of its contents onto a PC.

  • Can I use my original performance chips again?

If your car is an older type where we remove the performance chip itself, then yes, but on modern cars there is no physical chip and we just change the data within it. In these cases we keep your program on file so we can simply program it back should you require us to do so.

  • Can your Evolution chip be detected by dealer servicing?

Your car dealer cannot determine a software modification with his equipment, since our Evolution chips are designed to be transparent to all engine diagnostic equipment.

  • Is the programming and remapping work done by your company?

Yes, We have the technicians and the facilities in house to read modern performance chips and ecu files via the serial port and can then recalibrate and re-flash your complex run maps back into the ecu. We can of course remove, read and re-program EPROMS as required on older vehicles.

  • How do I know if my engine can be remapped?

Take a look through and see if your car is listed. If it’s not, please call us direct upon which we can give remapping advice, remember there is always a good chance something can be done to improve any engines performance… Just because it isn’t yet listed, doesn't mean we cannot improve it for you.

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