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TPS Suspension services

The suspension dampers on vehicles are designed to achieve two main important functions during various driving conditions: Absorption and Weight Transfer. For the average driver, the ability for the suspension to absorb and smooth out uneven road bumps is essential in providing a comfortable ride. For more spirited drivers, the ability in acceleration and braking and to negotiate corners relies on the suspension’s characteristics in the weight transfer of the car.

For every 100km traveled, the suspension damper undergoes thousands of strokes of Compression and Rebound. Deterioration of the damper fluid is caused by the heat generated during this process. Piston seals and bearings inside the suspension will also deteriorate due to the constant exposure to friction. As the wear and tear progresses, there will be increased body roll at high speeds, excessive noise from the suspension and even bad steering response. Periodic inspection and overhaul is therefore necessary to maintain the performance of the suspension especially under constant hard driving.
Overhaul Process

  • Pre – Overhaul Check

The suspension is inspected and specifications such as damping force and height adjustment are recorded so that after the overhaul, these parameters can be reset as before.

  • Disassembly and Cleaning

The suspension is disassembled and each individual component is cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt.

  • Inspection of parts

The main shaft and outer casing of the suspension are checked for dirt and any other damages to determine if they need to be replaced.

  • Change of Damper Fluid

The suspension damper fluid will deteriorate with heat and over long travel distances. New damper fluid is therefore used during the overhaul process.

  • Change of Piston and Valves

The piston and valves inside the damper is replaced.

  • Change of Dust Seal and Rubber Seal

The dust seal and rubber seal prevents dirt from entering. These are replaced if worn.

  • Assembly of parts

The assembly of the suspension is done in a clean environment where the temperature is controlled so that each part is fitted precisely to achieve optimal reliability and performance.

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