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TPS Engine services

Engine swaps

Specializing in JDM Engine swaps including all Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan & Toyota. TPS offers complete motor swaps for the entire Honda line-up Including axles, ECU, and more! Most common swaps are the B16 and B18 in 88-91 Civic/CRX, 92-95 Civic, 96-00 Civic, and 90-93 Integra. With OBD II to OBD I conversion for your harness on demand.

TPS also provides wide range of motor swaps for Mitsubishi line-up, including the 4g92, 4g92 Mivec, 6A12 & 6A12 Mivec for the 97-00 Lancer/Mirage. Also 4g18, 4g94, 4g69 Mivec & 4g63 for the 01-08 Lancer and 4b11 Mivec for the 08-10 Lancer model. We are also ready to implement Mitsubishi Evolution conversion projects.

Engine rebuilds

  • Cleaning of Metal Components

The cylinder head and block is first disassembled and all parts are then cleaned thoroughly. Long hours of De-burring and Chamfering of all parts are then done carefully to increase assembly precision later on in the process. This eliminates the probability of problems arising from potential foreign metal particles.

  • Assembly Process

The engine parts are assembled in a temperature controlled room where dirt and impurities are minimized. The parts are then fitted and torque to precise specifications. The tools and equipment used for assembly are constantly maintained and carefully calibrated so as to achieve the best quality results.

  •  Adjusting the Squish Area

To achieve the most efficient power, all the fuel inside the combustion chamber must be burnt completely in a compact area in the center, known as the squish area. The squish area is very thin and is surrounded by relatively cooler surfaces causing the air fuel mixture to result in incomplete combustion. On top of this, the ignited flame is unable to reach this thin area to cause ignition. Thus the squish area is removed and adjusted to reduce “knocking” and increase efficiency.

  • Setting of Valve Seat

During combustion, it is crucial that the air fuel mixture is sealed completely inside the cylinder to increase compression and power. The valve seats are then cleaned and set to fit the valves precisely.

  • Valve Lapping

This involves cleaning the valves to ensure improved sealing during combustion.

  • Valve Polishing

The area of the valve in contact with the valve seat is polished and then set to the valve seat. It is then further examined to ensure proper fitment.

  • Cylinder Head Surface Polish

For the head gasket to achieve optimal sealing between the cylinder head and the engine block, the cylinder head surface must be polished and made as smooth as possible to remove uneven surface irregularities.

  • Port Polishing

The uneven surface of the intake and exhaust ports results in resistance in airflow. The ports are thus polished smooth to allow efficient airflow.

  • Engine Block Surface Polish

Similar to the cylinder head surface polish, this process smoothens the engine block surface where the head gasket is in contact.

  • Piston Ring Clearance

The piston ring clearances are measured to check if they are of optimal value during assembly.

Engine turbo conversions

 TPS provides turbo conversion kits & custom made kits for almost any car make or model. All required parts are ordered if not in stock for car make and model, more than one option to go with for every part needed according to budget of project. We have proved through various projects our success in this field, through testing out projects on track & on local race by our satisfied customers.

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